Tuesday, August 6, 2013

His father was a carpenter. Maybe his brother-in-law is a lawyer.

Dola Indidis, a Kenyan lawyer, is seeking to file suit at the International Court of Justice against Israel and Italy, for the execution of Jesus.
I don't know if the ICJ would allow the suit (although I have a pretty good idea), but even if they do, I'm not sure how Indidis could make his case, considering that the statute of limitations has probably passed, and all the witnesses are dead.

Despite the seeming absurdity of the charges, Israel should do everything it can to see that this case goes to trial. If the ICJ decides to hear the case, it would be an admission by them that, from a legal standpoint, Israel's presence in the land dates back at least almost 2,000 years, and that she is not merely a product of 20th century colonialism.